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Training & Qualifications

Claudia Regojo, RSHom is a classically trained Homeopath and Reiki III master. Claudia has  studied Ayurveda and has training in using Veda Pulse, a knowledge-based diagnostic system that uses Heart Rate Variability along with priciples of traditional pulse analysis to evaluate an individual's health condition and create personalized recommendations based on results. Additionally, Claudia has been practicing Transcendental Meditation and Daoist Meditation for two decades.


Prior to completing her homeopathy studies at The School of Homeopathy in Stroud, England, Claudia worked in the field of sustainability where her focus was the health of the planet. Claudia holds an M.S. in Urban & Regional Planning from the University of Iowa. She recently served as Administrative Director of Homeopaths Without Borders - North America, a non-profit organization with a strong presence in Haiti. Claudia currently practices homeopathy from her home in Barbados.

"I find homeopathy fascinating. It involves all my favorite topics from sustainability and plants to psychology and disease to evolution and biology!"

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